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The different spaces of Villa Iachia are perfect for any type of event. Private events as birthdays and anniversaries, meetings and work receptions, sports and cultural events as book readings, art expositions and concerts; can all be hosted in this magical place. Wine cellars, old barns, wide spaces perfectly equipped and communicating one with the other push our imagination and creativity in order to devise the perfect event.


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Our Rooms

The Barrels’ wine cellar

100 mq2       100 pax

This is one of the spaces we love the most as it still beholds the spirit of the time, totally unaltered. Silence, twilight and a constant temperature have left this place unchanged as if it were under a spell. Its magic is also dictated by the fact that you need nothing more than a bottle to pop in good company in order to make the ambience turn warm and welcoming; as if you could still envision the chariots entering, loaded with grapes, and you could still hear lively voices echoing in the surrounding.
This cellar, which still conserves its original dirt-floor, is unique in its genre in Friuli. Barrels on the sides, along the central path, adorn it. An imperial table can be set in the middle, or as an alternative, the room can be set to host a perfect bienvenue cocktail.

Iachia Wine Cellar

256 mq2       200 pax

In 2009 this wine cellar was renovated with the aim to maintain its authenticity and add essential services as the in floor heating, air conditioning and a big-screen TV. Three out of four walls are made of stone while the fourth calls back to the Second World War being made out of reinforced concrete. The room’s windows look over the garden.
This cellar can hold up to 200 guests and is made out of two communicating rooms that look over the garden. The communication with the garden can allow you to expand your venue space, having both an outdoor and indoor area for your wedding.

The Chariot Room

80 mq2       35 pax

Chariots and antique furniture, a piano, old family photos, are the main objects characterizing a room that re-evokes the past, recalling old stories and tales of past generations. It is a transition area between the cellars and the centuries-old park/garden, a space that recalls bonds and encounters. It can be the perfect option as location for you to cut your wedding cake or just to take some retro inspired pictures.

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The Mediterranean garden, with pool and gazebo

120 mq2       100 pax

This is the perfect location for those who love nature and appreciate simplicity in a bucolic ambience. Palms, cactuses and olive trees frame the garden with pool. The barn and the so-called Casaccia enclose the side making the area intimate and independent. The white gazebo with wooden parquet is perfect for ceremonies, hosting up to 100 guests. It is a welcoming location, totally immersed in nature.

The Casaccia

110 mq2       80 pax

Casaccia is a loving nickname that has been given to the depandance that sets a boundary and separates the Mediterrenean Park from the New Park.
Originally it was the house of the old farmer, the room where you can now find the bathroom was once the area where the pigs were held. It has now been completely renovated in an open-space with window walls that look over the two gardens. It is equipped with bathrooms and a kitchen and is also provided with heating system and air conditioning. Its position ensures complete privacy, thus it is the perfect place where to hold work dinners, small meetings and receptions. And let’s not forget that it is also comprised within the beautiful frame of the Mediterranean Park.

The Stable

80 mq2       40 pax

Furia, Ulana, Pluto… these were some of the residents of the old stable, today a unique location redesigned for special dinners and cocktails in an intimate and informal atmosphere. The stable is located in the heart of the property, surrounded by the century-old park and the pool area. The space can be set up with a single central table or different stands in each box. 


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