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There is something wonderful in everything that nature beholds.


Villa Iachia’s Park is the green heart that embraces every activity and captures everyones attention. It transmits a feeling of peace and serenity which are unique to this place. The architectural complex, built on a large uneven polygonal shaped area, consists of a Dominican building and rustic annexes set in the large park and crossed by a long avenue. With thirteen hectars of land, Villa Iachia is the largest private park in Friuli.

The Centuries-Old Park

A centuries-old park embraces the Villa and pool area with its rose and jasmine fragrances. Every corner leads to a tree-lined road, framing a colored backdrop. Guests at Villa Iachia are immerged in a dream of luxurious beauty which has been preserved during the centuries. The first projects date back to the end of the 19th century and Viale Carpani, dating back to 1908, still stretches towards the countryside between grassy clearings, lawns and laurel plants.

Walking through the park’s paths you cannot help but notice a curious motif, from the commemorative graves of those who loved this place, to the trenches of the First World War, which are still well preserved. Bamboo trees, tropical plants, centuries-old oaks and sequoia, red maples, leafy oaks and pines.

In this uncontaminated habitat one can encounter hares, red and black squirrels, pheasants and numerous species of birds. In recent years roe deer have also returned and have chosen the park as a courting and reproduction site.

  • Picnic al Parco Iachia

The New Park

The new park is the testimony to the will and projects that support the dream of preserving, safeguarding and sharing the natural environment of Villa Iachia.
The park was planted in 2001 following a European funded project whis aim was to preserve the local flora and fauna, it is composed of shrubs and high growing tree species typical of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region.

The 4-hectare green area with a botanical path includes 27 species of native plants including: Junipers, Scotch boom plants, Hawthorns, Wild Cherries, Durmast trees and other species planted according to specific environmental, climatic and landscaping criteria.


We present a precious opportunity for kindergarten and elementary schools to bring their youngest into the world of agriculture and nature through ad hoc visits and workshops. The vast park is at the children’s disposal to have a unique experience with their teachers. 

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Guided Visits

Villa Iachia organizes guided tours of the park upon appointment. Century-old trees, bamboo, paths and walkways; small forests and large clearings, hares and fawns (if you are lucky!) are waiting for you when you discover the biodiversity of our park.

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