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Guest Rooms

The Holiday

Villa Iachia is perfect for whoever is seeking for a new way to enjoy their holiday in Friuli Venezia Giulia. The Villa combines the pleasure of peace and tranquility of an historical residency, located in Friuli’s countryside, with the pleasure and desire to explore and get to know new places, people and cultures.

The old household is situated right in the center of Friuli Venezia Giulia. All the major sites can be easily reached, those of naturalistic and environmental interest, the historical and artistic ones and the enogastronomic and sports-related too.

The beautiful heart-shaped pool, surrounded by Mediterranean-recalling plants, is equipped with beach loungers and umbrellas. In the four-hectare garden of Villa Iachia you can train and exercise completely undisturbed.

The peace and serenity that characterize the residency are perfect for a bike ride, a yoga session, jogging, or more simply relaxing, contemplating and meditating.

Villa Iachia is a “Home to the time”.

Time intended as past: the Villa remained exactly as it was, with its original interiors, furniture, lighting and perfumes that recall past times.

Everything remained still and intact. In Villa Iachia you can appreciate in any object the charm of the time that has gone by, in every corner of the house and of the garden. Time, here, can also be interpreted as time dimension: in Villa Iachia you enter a world that hands you back the ritual of time. You can find time for yourselves, to dedicate to yourself; time as a dimension to rediscover, as it is the pleasure of appreciating natural rhythms, defined by night and day, by the contact with the natural elements, which here are strong and immediate.

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The Rooms

The five suites of Villa Iachia retrace two hundred years of history: the precious Yellow Suite with rococo details, the Green Room with its rigor and decency that recall the 19th century, the Brown Room with decorations recalling the 70’s, the Red Room recalling the 90’s and the Blue Suite which brings us back to contemporary times.
Travel back in time and come and discover them.

Yellow Suite

mq258 mq2
Bed1 Queen Bed
Bed1 Single Bed
As if it just popped out of an 18th century postcard, this room is a treasure trove that beholds a frivolous and aristocratic atmosphere, which remained unaltered throughout time. Mirror lights and reflections of an...
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Start From€105.00 / Night

Red Suite

mq250 mq2
Bed1 Double Bed
Bed1 Single Bed
An informal atmosphere and wide spaces, a touch of home and a touch of artistry characterize this room: paintings and a library, dresser and mirrors bring together a colorful and airy symphony. The room looks...
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Start From€68.00 / Night

Blue Suite

Mq238 mq2
Bed1 Double Bed
Max People2
This room is a colorful and eccentric kaleidoscope composed of photographs from a lifetime. Spontaneous flashbacks and author shots challenge the guests’ curiosity, as if they were narrating stories and tales from the most intimate...
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Start From€42.50 / Night

Green Room

Mq258 mq2
Bed1 Queen Bed
Max People2
This room is embroided with an austere and severe beauty, shrouded in antique knowledge, as it seeks for harmony and balance between human living and nature. As a sinuous and reflexive melody, this room will...
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Start From€255.00 / Night
cantina delle botti villa iachia

Brown Room

mq235 mq2
Bed2 Single Beds
Max People2
This room evokes architecture and design, games of light and perspective frame the room for a holiday in the spirit of order and new projects. The room opens up on the façade of the villa...
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Start From€76.50 / Night